vocab is a self-hosted flash cards app for learning new stuff that can be used for various use cases, e.g. learning new words of a foreign language (or actually learn literally anything). I built this app to scratch my own itch of having a self-hosted app that has all the features I need for learning new words. The most prominent ones are:

  • Self-hosted: You own your data and can run it on your own server. It also supports hosting on Vercel for ease of use.
  • Entry overview: You can see all your entries in a list and filter and search them.
  • Multi-Collection-support: You can create multiple collections to organize your entries.
  • Random entry picker: A random entry picker helps you to learn your entries every day
  • Supports archiving entries: You can archive entries that you already know and don't want to see them in your word list
  • Use tags to group your entries: You can use tags to group your entries, e.g. by topic or difficulty
  • PWA support: You can install the app on your phone and use it offline.
  • Dark mode: The app supports dark mode (but not light mode lol)

Feel free to open new issues or pull requests if you have any feature requests or bug reports. I'm happy to help you with any questions you have.